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Power metal fans in the UK and IRELAND
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This is a commuinity for Power metal fans in the UK and Ireland. Get your friends to join!

Non UK fans also welcome to give us news, post random power metal info.

BANDS: Very welcome to plug power metal gigs, events ect...

Feel free to post about upcomming gigs, experiences new bands, your own bands and over all just have fun and meet fans in the UK and Ireland!

Please let me know of any other bands to add to the bands/interests list as it is nowhere near finished! Also saying that neither is the journal layout ect but it's the music were here for, not the damn pictures. If you want a perfect layout, make us one. Otherwise, wait ;)

We did want a website and had one for a while. If theres more interest and people who would like to be involved. Please leave comment on virtualmetal's LJ. Thanks. ;)

http://www.totalrock.com - Live web radio from the UK, see the site for show listings/contents.
http://www.truemetal.org - Website hosting some great signed and unsigned bands and some fan sites.
http://www.swedishmetal.net - Site containing lots of info on swedish bands. Lots of power metal!

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Feel free to suggest sites to add.

:The Rule:
Don't piss people off and get into lableling wars. It's really immature and what little main streem wanna be punks tend to do. You don't wanna be like that now ;)
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