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this is probably way cheeky, as very few of you know me but, basically. my car was broken into a week ago and among other things my cd's(none of which were copies) were nicked. so I guess this is a bit of a plea for any of you lovely people out there to make me copies of said albums or if you have copies you no longer want, mabye sell them, innit.

anyway, enough pish. here's the list. thanks in advance just incase.


1349 Liberation
Abaddon incarnate The last supper
Abaddon incarnate Nadir
Abaddon incarnate Dark crusade
Abigor Supreme immortal art
Abigor Satanized
Absu Tara
Abyssos Shinsthanian nightbreed
Agothadaimon Chapter III
Akercocke The goat of mendes
Amorphis The karelian isthmus
Anaal nathrakh When fire rains down from the sky,.mankind will reap as it has sown
Anaal nathrakh The codex necro
Angel Corpse Exterminate
Angelcorpse The inexorable
Angra Fireworks
Apocalypse …The art of war
Apocalypse A night in doom's garden
Arch enemy Wages of sin
Arkhon infaustus Filth catalyst
Armored saint Revelation
At the gates Slaughter of the soul
At the gates With fear I kiss the burning darkness
Avantasia The metal opera
Averse sefira Homecomings march
Axel rudi pell Shadow zone
Axis of Perdition The ichneumon method (and less welcome techniques)
Ayreon The human equation
Ayreon Universal Migrator (part 1 & 2) [special edition]
Bal-sagoth Battle magic
Battlelore Sword's song
Black Majesty Sands of time
Blind Guardian Somewhere far beyond / Bright eyes
Blind Guardian Nightfall in middle earth
Blind Guardian A night at the opera
Borknagar Empiricism
Brutal truth Kill trend suicide
Carcass Symphonies of sickness
Carcass Heartwork
Carpathian forest We're going to hell for this - over a decade of perversions
Carpathian forest Strange old brew
Carpathian forest Defending the throne of evil
Children of bodom Hatebreeder
Circle of dead children The genocide machine
Circle of dead children Human harvest
Co-Exist Surgical removal of the teeth toenails and drilling of the kneecaps
Corpsefucking art The art of the fucking corpse
Cradle of filth Midian
Cradle of filth From the cradle to enslave
Crimson glory Astrononica(ltd ed)
Cripple bastards Desperately insensitive
Cryptopsy None so live (Montreal 2002)
Cryptopsy And then you'll beg
Cumchrist Cumplete
Damnation army Towards damnation
Darkthrone Preparing for war
Dearly Beheaded Temptation
Death Leprosy
Deeds of flesh Trading pieces
Deicide Amon : Feasting the beast
Demonized Demonized
Demons and Wizards Demons and Wizards
Destroyer 666 Cold steel……..for an iron age
Discordance axis 1. Perfect collection - original sound version 1992 - 1995
Discordance axis 2. perfect collection - Jouhou
Disgorge She lay gutted
Disinter Demonic Portraiture
Disinter Welcome to oblivion
Dragonforce Valley of the damned
Dream evil Evilized
Dream evil Dragonslayer
Dream theater Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes from a memory
Dream theater Images and words
Dream theater Awake
Dying fetus Stop at nothing
Dying fetus Grotesque impalement
Dying fetus Destroy the opposition
Edguy Helfire club
Edguy Mandrake
Enochian crescent Telocvovim
Entombed Morning star
Esqarial Discoveries
Falconer Falconer
Finntroll Visor om slutet
Finntroll Midnattens widunder
Finntroll Jaktens tid
Fleshcrawl Bloodsoul
Fleshgrind The seeds of abysmal torment
Freedom call Crystal empire
Freedom call Eternity
Fuck….i'm dead Bring on the dead
Gamma ray No world order
Gamma ray Somewhere out in space
Goratory Orgasm induced diarrhea
Gorelord Zombie suicide part: 666
Gorelord Force fed on human flesh (Strong uncut version)
Gorerotted Mutilated in minutes
Gorguts From wisdom to hate
Guns 'N' Roses Appetite for destruction
Guns 'N' Roses Greatest hits
Hammerfall Legacy of kings
Hammerfall Renegade
Hammerfall Crimson thunder
Hammerfall Glory to the brave
Hecate enthroned Kings of chaos
Helheim Jormundgand
Helloween Treasure chest
Helloween Buried treasure
Humanity When silence calls
Iced earth The dark saga
Iced earth The glorious burden (european version) 2cd
Iced earth Something wicked this way comes
Iced earth The reckoning
Iced earth Horror show
Iced earth Dark genesis including…
Iced earth Enter the realm (dark genesis)
Iced earth Iced earth (dark genesis)
Iced earth Night of the stormrider (dark genesis)
Iced earth Burnt offerings (dark genesis)
Iced earth Tribute to the gods (dark genesis)
Icon of coil Serenity is the devil
Iconoclasm Preamble to precipitate the destruction of religious artefacts
Impaled nazarene Ugra - karma
In decades decline Duneideann
Internal suffering Chaotic matrix
Invictus Black heart
Ion dissonance Breathing is irrelevant
Iron maiden The number of the beast
Iron maiden Somewhere in time
Iron maiden Seventh son of a seventh son
Iron maiden Rock in rio
Iron maiden Powerslave
Iron maiden Iron maiden
Iron maiden Fear of the dark
Iron maiden Dance of death
Iron maiden Brave new world
Iron maiden best of the beast
Iron savior Dark assault
Isengard Vinterskugge
Kalibas Rune
Karaboudjan Sbrodj
Katatonia Tonights decision
Khanate Khanate
Last tribe The uncrowned
Limbonic art In abhorrence dementia
Limbonic art Ad noctum - dynasty of death
Lord belail Angelgrinder
Lord gore The autophagous orgy
Lost horizon A flame to the ground beneath
Lost horizon Awakening the world
Luca turilli King of the nordic twilight
Luca turilli Prophet of the last eclipse
Machine head The burning red
Madman is absolute Compliance is compulsory
Madman is absolute 2005 promo
Manowar Kings of metal
Manowar Anthology
Manowar The triumph of steel
Manowar An American trilogy - the fight for freedom
Manowar Warriors of the world
Marduk World funeral
Marduk Panzer division marduk
Marduk Those of the unlight
Megadeth The world needs a hero
Megadeth Capitol punishment
Mendeed From shadows came darkness
Metalium As one (chapter 4)
Metalium State of triumph(chapter 2)
Metalium Hero nation - Chapter 3
Metallica St. Anger
Morbid angel Altars of madness
Morbid angel Blessed are the sick
Mork Gryning Tusen ar har gatt
Morser Two hours of doom
My Dying Bride The light at the end of the world
Myrkskog Superior Massacre
Naglfar Vittra
Napalm death Death by manipulation
Narcosis Heart slows down
Nasum Inhale / Exhale
Necrophagia Season of the dead
Nigrescent Palace of the dark light
Noisex Groupieshock
Nunslaughter One night in hell
Obituary Anthology
Opeth Still life
Opeth My arms, your hearse
Pagans mind Celestial entrance
Pain of salvation Be
Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane
Pain of salvation 12:05
Pig Destroyer Painter of dead girls
Pig Destroyer Prowler in the yard
Powerquest Wings of forever
Primal fear Devils ground
Primal fear Black sun
Primal fear Nuclear fire
Primal fear Jaws of death
Ravager Storm of sin
Regurgitate Carnivorous erection
Regurgitate Effortless regurgitation…..the torture sessions
Repulsion Horrified (including ltd edition rarities cd)
Rhapsody Dawn of victory
Sanatorium Internal Womb Cannibalism
Sapfhier Trollskogen
Setherial Lords of the nightrealm
Severe Torture Misanthropic carnage
Sonata Arctica Ecliptica
Sonata Arctica Winterhearts guild
Sons of Slaughter The Extermination Strain
Steel Prophet Dark hallucinations
Steel Prophet Book of the dead
Strapping young lad City
Strapping young lad Alien
Strapping young lad Heavy as a really heavy thing
Strapping young lad Syl
Stratovarius Elements Pt.2
Stratovarius Elements Pt.1
Stratovarius Infinate
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition 2
Thanatos Angelic encounters
The haunted The haunted
Thunderstone Thunderstone
Thy infernal Warlords of hell
Thy Primordial At the world of entrodden wonder
Thy Primordial The crowning carnage
Thyrfing Vansinnesvision
Today is the day In the eyes of god
Vaginal carnage Dildo detention
Various artists Candlelight Collection Vol.2
Various artists A tribute to the beast
Vile Depopulate
Visceral Bleeding Remnants of deprivation
Vomitorial Corpulence Skin stripper
Wumpscut Bunkertor 7
Wurdulak Severed eyes of possession
Yattering Genocide
Zandelle Twilight on humanity
Zillah Standing next to normal
Zimmers hole Legion of flames
Zimmers hole Bound by fire
Zonata Reality
Zyklon World ov worms

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