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Dragonforce review

ok before you read this i want u to know that it was my first metal concert even tho ive liked metal for ages.

i went to see dragonforce yesterday, heres what happened

me and my mates arrived at cardiff uni a little bit early round bout 7ish when the doors were supposed to open 730, and there were these people waiting outside the bar with plastic swords and viking helmets obviously continuing the vibe of battle metal and "nordic pride" and some of them had hardly thought it through because he was wearing a roman helmet lol,

on to the music

so we got in and were hit with a wall of noise which i later on found out to be anterior, which had amazing guitaring making awesome solos look like a piece of piss but they had to spoil it all with horrid angry shouting, sounded like he was in pain,

15 mins break listenin to audioslave cd apparently,

then on came another band, irish apparently and they had the same vibe as anterior, they were called mendeed, which was shouty like the band before them but the guitarring was horrid, lots of skill obviously but sounded like doom/death metal,

35 mins break pissing everyone off listenin to lots of stuff includin acdc etc

dragonforce came on and started off with black fire which was amazing some bits had been modified since first album released but sounded better than the album, it got everyone into the mood, next song was fury of the storm, my favourite song which was fucking awesome, after every solo the lead guitarrist herman li dropped his guitar and caught it around the strings creating this fantastic scream, and on the fastest solo bout 3/4 way through the 2 guitarrists li and totman were picking each others guitars while still going up and down the neck on their own guitar, it was showing off in fuckin style!
the rest of the songs were note by note perfect/better than the cd counterparts which i thought was unbeleivable because of the speed of them!

all in all it was a great evening despite the support bands from a different genre of the main band, a great energetic show by the whole band

end transmission...
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