The dark descent of lupin... (darklupin) wrote in powermetaluk,
The dark descent of lupin...

Power Metal UK

Hello and welcome my friends.

Firstly I apologise for lack of activity by me in this community as I am one of the founders. I may be looking for someone else to help me maintain this community and take more of the control of it. This is because I am having dificulties doing so due to time and personal issues. Please do continue to use this community and feel free to post comments to this entry about what you would like to see here and any help you can offer. It will be much apriciated.

As for the Rusian "spam", I have deleted the two posts with large amounts of Rusian texts. I don't believe they were posted in a malicious "spam" type nature so I have not banned the user who posted. But please keep this in mind for the future:

As this is a UK & Ireland community please make all long posts in English. Other native languages of the UK and Ireland (Irish, Welsh etc) are acceptable but may not be understandable by all in the community. If you are unable to write in English but know of a band from your country who is playing here, feel free to post, but no longwinded text, as it can come across as spam and for the most part is unreadable.

Thankyou, Go raibh maith agat, Diolch yn fawr! =D
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